Friday, 25 September 2015

10 Things You Need To Know About Little Boys

1) They are always naked. You could be sat in an igloo in the middle of the South Pole and your little man will STILL want to strip off every layer of clothing and let it all hang out.
2) You will have to get used to being a human climbing frame. 
3) You will need to learn how to tolerate conversations about farts and poos. You may already have gained this skill prior to the birth of your child if you cohabit with your child’s father
4) They’re Mummy’s boys.
5) Tying in with point number 1, once your child has discovered they have a penis, expect them to constantly have their hands on it. Once again, you may already be used to this from your child’s father. 
6) Little boys have the ability to turn any object in to a gun, or some other weapon that they can shoot/hit you with.
7) They prefer to wear mummy’s high heels than daddy’s shoes
8) They like to pick their nose, show their bogies off with pride and then watch the look on your face as they eat it.
9) You will get peed on. Probably in your face.

10)They are AMAZING!


  1. Mine definitely likes his penis to be free!

  2. Number 5! LOL! That really made me laugh. I feel a little sad that I'll never have a son but then I'll never be peed in the face by him!

  3. Love this! I have a little girl, but I think she's going to be a tomboy so I'll have to watch for some of these traits. Always naked, brilliant.

  4. My little boy must be the not prude out there as he hates taking his clothes off!!!! X

  5. my boy is 1 and i am already experiencing point 1 and 5!