Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Day in Pictures

8am - Rise & Shine!

9am - We took Buzz Lightyear for a walk on our way to get breakfast!

9:45am - Breakfast Time!

10:30am - Bought some Bubbles & blew them in the street on our way home!

12:30pm - Daddy got tired of carrying the bike to the park after lunch, so he rode it! Silly Daddy!

1pm - Oliver decided to actually ride his bike after watching Daddy do it!

2pm - We did some climbing. Daddy climbed to the top and blew bubbles for Oliver to catch. 

3pm - We had snacks!!!

4pm - Watched Postman Pat the Movie!!

5pm - Oliver stopped pretending he can't draw and drew a picture of Mummy whilst I was making tea!

6pm - Bathime after tea

7pm - All ready for bed

8pm - Peace at last!!

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