Saturday, 25 April 2015

A letter to Mum

Dear mum,

I want to begin this letter with a "sorry,"
For the pain I may have caused you, the heartache & the worry,
For the times that I've mistreated you
And sulked and caused fights,
For the times I've caused you tears, and sleepless nights.
For the times I've gone astray and pushed you too far,
For the times I've failed to appreciate what an amazing person you are,
For the times I've caused guilt
When you were never to blame,
For the times I've caused anger and misery & shame.
I want to say Thankyou for always holding my hand,
Putting up with my mischief and constant demands,
For the unconditional love, understanding and support,
For being in your every first & last thought.
For bailing me out when I've nowhere to turn,
For helping me grow, to thrive and to learn,
For being a role model in many different ways,
For staying by my side in my darker days.

Because it's only now mum, that I'm starting to see,
The amazing selfless love that you've offered to me,
And now with my own child and all this to come,
I want to say Thankyou for being my mum.

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