Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A School Starters Poem to Mummy

I can see you're feeling sad mummy
Although you try not to let it show
I've heard you talking to daddy
About this place I have to go

We've had 4 whole years together 
Special time for just us two
But now it's time for me to leave your side 
And be with other people too

You've been there for all my "first times"
First breath, First cry, First smile
And you'll be with me for the first time
That I'll say goodbye (for a while) 

And I'm sure you'll pretend you're fine mummy
You'll do your best to keep your cool
As you watch me take my teachers hand
And let her guide me in to school

I know you'll find it hard mummy
To stand and watch me go
But it's time for me to learn mummy
It's time for me to grow

You won't be far from my thoughts mummy
As the school hours go by
And sometimes I might really miss you
It may even make me cry

But I won't be sad for long mummy
Because I won't have long to wait
Before I see you waiting patiently for me
At the school gates

And there's plenty more adventures for us
So wipe away your tears
There's lots of fun that's still to come
For many, many years

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