Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Juicing It Up

We welcomed a juicer in to our house this month. The idea being that I can juice fruit and veg and make them in to iced lollies. A desperate and sneaky attempt to get some nutrients in to Oliver. 

Oliver (like all kids) likes to eat things that aren’t good for him..sweets, chocolate, crisps, and once I caught him with a woodlouse stuck between his teeth. When “other mummy’s” talk about how their kids LOVE veg and couple that with brightly coloured Instagram food pics of some exquisite meal their child has eaten for tea, clearly containing their five a day, I feel slightly deflated and I have decided to take action!

Food has always been an issue with Oliver - when he was 4 months old he went on a “nursing strike”. This is basically when your baby decides that they aren’t going to Breastfeed for the entire day, in an evil plot to make you think that you are a failure as a mother, so much so that they simply refuse to feed from you regardless as to whether you are their only source of survival! 

When weaning on to solids it went the opposite way. He only wanted to Breastfeed and refused to eat food, although I could occasionally tempt him by waving a wotsit in his face and then spooning a bit of puréed carrot in to his mouth instead! (Not recommended)

Now at the age of 3, Oliver tends to only like white food and baked beans (although he did have a tantrum in the supermarket yesterday because I wouldn’t let him eat a fish on the fish counter…It still had eyeballs.) 

If I could do it all again I would definitely do baby led weaning!

You live, you learn! 

Much to my surprise, the juicer has so far been a success! Ok, we’ve currently only made orange and mango juice..however…Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

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