Friday, 17 April 2015

Kids Are Weird!

Children are strange creatures. They're like half crazed, drunk aliens that make absolutely no sense and become frustrated when you can't translate their complete nonsensical hogwash. To prove my point here is 5 conversations I've had with Oliver, or overheard in this week alone 

1) Oliver: Mummy I want cheese on toast?

Me: Ok, you can have that for your dinner


2) Me: Are you thirsty

  Oliver: I'm NOT thirsty! I'm OLIVER! 

3) Me: Don't shove a pillow over my face Oliver, you could kill me!

Oliver: Can I try again?

4) Me: Don't bounce on my head Oliver, would you like it if I bounced on your head?

Oliver: Yes

5) Daddy: Do you want to get in the bath?

Oliver: No, it's too hot

Daddy: Shall I put some cold water in?

Oliver: No it's freezing cold

Daddy: I won't put any cold water in then ok?

Oliver: No it's too hot!


Oliver: Daddy I want a bath

Daddy: Come on then

Oliver: No i'm freezing cold.

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