Monday, 6 April 2015

My Very First Blog

So! I decided to write a blog and I wish I had done so sooner! I'm a 31 year old mother to Oliver who is a troublesome 3 year old. From the minute I had him I have been aware of mummy competition. This started from the second I was wheeled on to the maternity ward holding on to a 4lb 15oz baby boy (wrapped in a pink blanket) wondering how the hell I was expected to keep this little person alive. 
I cowered sheepishly as the maternity assistant whipped back the curtain demanding I tried to feed him, and then tapped her foot impatiently as I tried to latch a sleeping newborn baby unsuccessfully on to my boob. 
I blushed like a naughty child when I was told off the following day for changing his nappy (which took a good 10 minutes) on my own bed and got myself and the sheets covered in pee.
I belted it to the canteen and back in less than a minute after being barked at by the staff to get breakfast, and forced dry toast down my gullet for fear of him being swapped or stolen whilst I was gone. 
All the other women on the ward seemed to have this mummy thing down to a tee, where as I felt like I was blagging every minute of it and getting it all wrong!
And so it began..."does he sleep through the night?"
"Yes, he's an angel!" (Of course he doesn't He's a baby! He's up at least every hour, and I'm unsure as to whether I will actually ever sleep again!) 
As Oliver grew I discovered that the fact that he did the complete opposite to the other mothers perfect babys was what I found most loveable about him. He was unique, mischievous, hair pullingly troublesome and a complete challenge. When I started telling the truth about my struggles, confusions and sometimes desperation I found that actually other mothers were going through this too. 

So that was how we began. Me and him.  The love of my life. And since then we have travelled a long journey. Weaning on to solids (disastrous), potty training (surprisingly not too strenuous), first day at nursery (horrendous), first day back at work (heartbreaking) and our journey continues and I continue to blag it. Every day.
This blog is my way of reflecting on our journey, to look at things light heartedly, to see the funny side of a day that has had me close to tears, and to show other mums who feel they are blagging it that they are not the only ones. 

The only people that can teach you to be a parent is your children. And they are tough teachers!

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