Thursday, 23 April 2015

One Of Those Days!!!!

Do you ever have one of those days where from the word go you feel like some force somewhere is deliberately setting out to ensure you have a bad day? And to top that off your preschooler has joined in on the act and has decided that today they are going to seriously push every button you have to a point which is beyond ridiculous? 
The other day I had "one of those days."
Here's how it went
3 am - Got woken up by Oliver stood by my bed saying that a Monster had tried to eat his leg. Took Oliver back in his room and got in bed with him to settle him down
6:30am - Woke up in Oliver's bed with a bad back and a buzz lightyear on my head
7:30am - Listened to Oliver screaming because he couldn't  have an ice lolly for breakfast
9:00am - Had a bath
9:03am - Oliver jumped in the bath with me & squirted me in the eye with a rubber duck bath toy. Then poured all the bubble bath in to the water...and squirted me in the other eye.
10:30 - Searched high & low for my purse which Oliver had decided to hide. Asked Oliver to go & find it, for him to return 5 minutes later with a sock. Found it at the bottom of the laundry basket, with most of the cards inside it bent.
11:30 - Couldn't find my keys
12:00 - Visited family who had a new puppy. Caught Oliver pushing the new puppy around in a toy pram
12:30 - 4pm - Told Oliver a million times that no, the puppy didn't want to be forced to sleep, eat, or have a bath
4:15 - Walked home with Oliver in his pushchair. Watched Oliver literally throw his toy out of the pram because he wanted me to carry him. Walked passed toy and left it lying in the road to teach him a lesson (mean mum)
4:17 - Listened to Oliver scream all the way home because "mummy had lost his toy!"
5:00pm - Arrived home and used the naughty chair practically every 30 minutes until bedtime. In the meantime I managed to burn the tea, stub my toe, and knock a basket of clean laundry over.
7:00pm - Settled Oliver in bed, looked at him whilst he was sleeping and thought "ahhhh, he's not that bad! I kind of miss him & want him to wake up!"

No matter how much your child has tested your limits throughout the day, by the time they are fast asleep they suddenly transform in your mind from little devils to angels....until 3am the next morning when you are woken again because they want a drink!! 

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  1. Love this!!! What a brilliant post and I can relate to much of this!

    Helen - #twinklytuesday

  2. I had that day on Monday. Thankfully, the good days far outnumber the others. And these childhood days are over way too fast. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday.

  3. I thought my day was not getting off to a good start when my 3 year old son looked at all the chaos and his sister eating
    porridge with her hands and said "Call Daddy now?"