Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Day I was Saved By A Super Hero

People who know me personally have already heard this story, but every time I see this photo it makes me laugh so I thought I'd share it with those who don't know me.
This is the story of when my day was saved by a superhero....literally.
Oliver & I boarded a train to Blackpool from Staffordshire. This involves a train change at Piccadilly and I was aware that the time was tight for me to catch my next connection, so I was feeling stressed before I even boarded the first train
This stress was amplified by the fact that Oliver was going through a bit of a horrific phase where everything in life just seemed to cause a temper tantrum from hell. And this day was no different.
It was all fun and games when we were stood on the platform. 
But then we boarded the train of doom. Packed to the rafters. People sat on aisle seats with their luggage taking up a whole seat by the window. Why do people do that?! Annoying!! Business type people taking up the "table seats" with their laptops propped up and their costa coffees neatly placed beside them. Vacant seats with the dreaded "reserved sign" on them and the destination at which the travellers who have booked them will arrive. Note; if you avoid these reserved seats they will remain empty for the entire journey, yet if you bite the bullet and sit in one, their owners will arrive promptly at the next stop and will stand there tapping their foot and shoving their "reserved ticket" in your face as evidence, whilst you scurry and scramble in to the train aisle.
So, like most mums I scoured the train to find a free space, preferably behind someone who didn't look like they'd have a nervous breakdown from a 3 year old kicking their seat for 45 minutes. As luck would have it I spotted 2 free seats situated behind 3 "youngish people" who had also scored lucky and landed some "table seats".
Feeling rather smug I ushered Oliver in to the window seat and wrestled with my mound of bags. Just as I was about to sit in my seat and de stress he started.....
Erm... How am I supposed to respond to that? We're on the train, the doors are shut, the train is moving....ignore him..that's the best thing to do.
He has now slithered down from his seat and is sprawled in one of the most uncomfortable looking positions on the train floor by my feet. Oh God. Heads are turning. People are looking. I just heard somebody tut. Just and ignore him
A shoe sails passed my head. Somebody gasps. I dart up from my seat to retrieve it just as the train comes to a stop. The doors open and in slow motion in walks.....Spider-Man...and he sits facing us,with the "youngish people" on the table seats in front. 
There is silence...Oliver has propped himself up on his seat and is sticking his face in between the seats to get a good luck at the superhero. Spider-Man then says hello to Oliver. He also announces to the people on the train that he "doesn't usually travel by train, he usually prefers to travel by web"
Everyone laughs and all eyes are on him - including Oliver's. The guy carries on talking as if he actually IS Spider-Man. Suddenly everyone has forgotten about the horrific child that just screamed the train down and threw a shoe across the train. And the day was saved. 
So Thankyou Spider-Man. Whoever you really were or why you were dressed in that outfit. For 30 minutes you truly were a superhero.


  1. Interesting experience. I love it when people join in the fun. At Easter we asked the shop keeper to send a message to the Easter Bunny. she joined in and my daughter was really excited! Angela

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  2. What an amazing story. Making me smile. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thankyou for your comments!! I appreciate the feedback and love to check out other peoples blog posts so please do share them :)

  4. Wow! This is totally awesome! Spider-Man to the rescue :-)

  5. This is brilliant – maybe it really was spiderman! But what a saviour…someone was looking down on you that day!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thankyou for taking the time to read :) That means a lot to me. I seem to attract bizzarre things happening to me on a daily basis! This one was particularly memorable though!!!