Monday, 6 April 2015

You Know You're A Working Mum When...

1) You open your bag at work to reach for a pen and pull out a pair of underpants and a kinder egg toy instead
2) You walk round the workplace humming a Frozen song
3) 7am is considered a lie in
4) Washing the dishes is classed as your "me" time
5) You never get chance to eat breakfast
6) Your annual leave is used for "Mother's Day afternoon tea parties" at nursery, and appointments, rather than mini breaks and nights out
7) Your child puts your shoes on and says he's going to work
8) You learn to deal with guilt on a daily basis
9) You do all your clothes shopping online, half of which arrives in the wrong size/colour and you never quite find time to send it back 
10) You usually arrive at work with food down your top

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