Tuesday, 12 May 2015

10 Words To Start A Parent Dictionary!

Since becoming a Parent have you gained your own vocabulary? Made up certain words and terms relating to aspects of parenting? We have the Urban Dictionary so why not a Mums/Dads Dictionary?! Here are 10 phrases that I use as a Mum. Some are common ones you may use yourself, some have been borrowed from others, and some are my own. They've probably all been used by a Mum somewhere in the world! If you have any more then feel free to add to them in the comments section! Let's start our own dictionary!! 

1)Poonami - A poo that somehow escapes a nappy and becomes slathered all over your child's back.

2)Poobomb - Just when you thought the Poonami was the worst it could get, a poo bomb is when you're mid way through changing your child's nappy and they poo. The poo bomb is usually let off on to a changing matt, towel, or on occasion, your knee.

3)Milk drunk - Post milk drowsiness. Ties in with Milk Coma which is when your baby is KO'd after a feed.

4)Threenager - a 3 year old who acts like a teenager. 

5)Sanctimummy (or if you're American, Sanctimommy!) - a fellow mum who is practically perfect in every way, places judgment on other mums and is very quick to make remarks on how you're a big fat failure as a parent

6)Mad Half Hour - Usually occurs just before bedtime when your child appears to go stark raving mad, bouncing from one end of the room to the other, possibly head banging the couch and usually ends in tears.

7)Momster - The term used for a scary mum. Any mum can turn in to a Momster. It just requires the correct buttons to be pushed.

8)Horizontal parenting ( I borrowed this term from This is where one parent, usually Dad, does all the parenting whilst laid down on the couch. 

9)Pram Warrior - A mother who thinks they have the right to take up the whole street and push passed people just because they have a pram. When 2 Pram Warriors cross path, the term Pram Wars is used.

10)Mum Crush - A Mum Crush is a character from a kids TV show that you fancy the pants off. We have to find some enjoyment from the endless tirade of Cbeebies etc. I'm partial to a bit of Mr Bloom. And I probably wouldn't say no to Andy from Andys Dinosaur Adventures if I'm honest. 

Do you use any of these? Have any others that haven't been mentioned? Let me know!! 

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