Monday, 11 May 2015

3 Things That Have Made My Teeth Itch This Week

So my son is renowned for being an irrational stropper who will have a tantrum over the smallest of things. I recently wrote a blog post on the 15 things that I had done to annoy Oliver this week, and then realised there have been things that have really pissed me off this week also!  Maybe he gets his temper from his mother? Here are 3 things that have particularly made my teeth itch this week. 

1) Sickness Bugs - On Friday morning I woke up with a screaming headache which was unusual as I don't tend to get them unless I have low blood sugar or have had a knock to the head. I had a busy day with Audiology and GP appointments for Oliver, so I took a few aspirin and it eased off. The day was going pretty good. Oliver was unusually cooperative at his audiology appointment and I was feeling quite smug. At 3:45 I took him to his GP appointment. Sat in the waiting room I started getting stomach cramps. Oliver was talking to me & I was struggling to concentrate on him. Realising what was happening I rushed to the toilet with Oliver dragging his heels behind me. Having the runs is embarrassing enough, without having them in a doctors waiting room with your 3 year old stuck in the cubicle with you. To make matters worse I had Oliver switching the light switch on and off, unlocking the door and narrating what was occurring with my bowels very loudly!

When we went back in to the waiting room we continued to sit and wait. Our appointment was at 3:50 and it was now 4:15. I asked the receptionist if they were running behind to which she informed me that they had already called Oliver through and we had missed our appointment. This then forced me to explain my little issue with her and request the doctor squeeze us in. I then had to keep rushing to the toilet and back again to keep checking that we hadn't missed being called in again. When the doctor eventually saw us I had sweat dripping down my head & my hair was stuck to my face. I think he was unsure of who, out of me & Oliver were the ones that needed attending to. Very humiliating. Not something I want to experience again!

2) Adults Who Are Moody - One thing I can't stand is grown adults who strop about like children because things haven't gone their way, ensuring they make every other person in their vicinity feel as uncomfortable as possible. I've been in contact with a couple of these individuals this week and to be quite frank it's not on. Grow up, get some perspective on life and straighten your face. I deal with an irrational 3 year old day in day out, I certainly don't need an irrational 30 plus year old acting in the same way. We all get pissed off, as this blog post evidences! However the whole world does not have to suffer for it!! Give your head a good wobble and if you're feeling pissed off have a rant, perhaps have a little cry & MOVE ON! I do not need your negativity in my life.

3) Snoring - Oliver's Daddy is the culprit in this case. I have no choice but to go to bed at least an hour before he does so I am asleep before he is. If he falls asleep before me I can't sleep. He is like an elephant with a knot in it's trunk. Even if he falls asleep before me & he isn't snoring I STILL can't sleep because I know he soon will be! If he is snoring and I ask him to turn on his side he states to me that he isn't snoring as he's wide awake!! YOUR BLATANTLY ASLEEP!! 

I can physically hear the tissues in your airway vibrating in my ear hole! More often than not I give up sleeping in my luxurious, specially designed for lower back problems, king size bed, and migrate in to Oliver's bed where I have to endure being kicked in the ribs and smacked in the face all night.

Snoring has been particularly bad this week!

This was supposed to be a list of three, however whilst I've been writing and getting myself all stirred up I've thought of a fourth so I'm just going to go with it!

4. People Who Tell Me What To Do - DONT! Advise me by all means. Construct your words in to something suggestive rather than demanding. Because if you tell what to do I will do the complete opposite, just to prove a point!! 

And breathe......!! 

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