Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bad Reactions!!

So yesterday as I was walking through my local town centre watching my son chase pigeons with his cousin, said son let out an almighty screech. He tends to do that. He's loud, jumps about constantly (even on the spot) and is a bit crazy. I suppose I'm used to it. A person who quite clearly wasn't used to it was a middle aged lady who was walking passed with her husband and proceeded to tut, cover her ears & rudely question (very loudly) as to why my child has to scream in such a horrible way. Big mistake.
I wasn't feeling too hot yesterday. I'd just recovered from a sickness bug, I hadn't really been able to take Oliver out of the house for a few days because if it, and due to this he was behaving in a rather rambunctious manner!
When I turned to the woman with the intention of giving a filthy look that I hoped would silently say, "I heard that you horrific witch" I instead had a sudden animal instinct swoop over me which resulted in me screaming "BECAUSE HE's A CHILD!! THATS WHAT CHILDREN DO!!! THEY SCREAM!!" No kidding, the pigeons that Oliver had been chasing actually flew away. Or that's how it felt at the time!! And I saw people edge back from this crazy screaming lady in the middle of a quaint town centre.
Now, there was no excuse for this outburst, however I feel there was less of an excuse for the comment which provoked it, that was clearly said with the intention of me hearing it. WHY do people do this! It's not the first time this has happened to me and I'm sure it won't be the last. I just wish people would think before they open their gigantic mouths. 
If you don't like children perhaps you should become a hermit? Or think about purchasing some ear muffs when you venture in to territory where there's likely to be a child? Perhaps you would like me to use a muzzle on my son? Or you could look in to buying one yourself to prevent you from verbalising your rude and judgmental thoughts? Or maybe you could just GET A GRIP, because guess what? You see those miniature little maniacs running about there? YOU USED TO BE ONE!! 
Now, as you can clearly see I am not yet over this fact, I am raging! I am angry at what she said and I am angry at the way I reacted. The only person I am not angry with is my son, who caused the outburst to begin with! I'm not angry with him, because he's a child. He's innocent. He was playing, he got overexcited, he squealed. So what? 
It got me thinking. What if this incident had occurred to another mum. One that was less confident. One that actually gave a damn about other people opinions. What then? How would she have reacted? Would she now have the mindset that her child's behaviour was wrong and therefore prevent him playing in the street, chastise him for being loud? Feel anxious about taking him out in public? And if she did react in this way, what knock on effect would that have on the child? 
Im not proud of the way I reacted, and I'm annoyed with myself because I just know that the woman will have walked away and commented to her husband that it was understandable why my child was so loud with a "mother like that!" But the thing is, SHE turned me in to "that Mother!" By rudely commenting about the most precious thing in the world to me. I was a mother looking out for her young, 
So please! For the love of God! If you have something to say about someone's children, say it quietly, say it when you're out of ears reach. Or don't say anything at all and let our children just be children!
Glad I've got that off my chest! 

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