Sunday, 10 May 2015

In Defence of Disney

So! We go to Disneyland in  4 weeks!! Yayyyy!!! And I will be writing a review whether you want one or not!!

Amidst my excitement however I seem to have been greeted with a flurry of judgmental opinions which quite frankly I do not care for! As I've been blabbering on about Disney, getting Oliver all worked up to the point where he asks me when we are going nearly every day I have been subjected to a number of remarks such as; 

1) He's too young - He'll be tired & cranky after a couple of hours!

My response - He is not too young! He is at an age where he truly believes in magic! Disney characters are REAL to him, they are his idols, his superheroes and he gets to meet them! As for becoming tired & cranky, that's what pushchairs are for! 

2) He won't remember it!

My response- So? Maybe he will maybe he won't! Does his future memories of the holiday effect his ability to have an amazing time in the here & now? NO!! Plus, if he doesn't remember it that's the perfect excuse to go again! 

3) You're wasting your money

My response - Last time I checked I worked 36 hours a week, earned my own money & therefore earned the right to spend that money on what I please! If spending my hard earned money on a trip that allows me to spend quality time, filled with fun with my 3 year old is what I choose to do then so be it! To be honest I couldn't think of anything better to spend my money on!

I'm entitled to treat my family! 

On a daily basis I deal with guilt. Guilt from having to leave my son with his daddy whilst I leave for a 12 hour shift, guilt for having to leave my son in childcare when both me and his dad are at work, guilt from being too tired to play when I've just done a night shift, guilt from leaving for work whilst Oliver is still fast asleep in the morning and returning to him again fast asleep in the evening. We all deserve this trip. And everything isn't just about memories for your child. It's about memories for you as parents too! Being able to look back at what a fantastic time you all had, cherishing them moments where you were all together in each other's company, enjoying life. 

Because the thing is, I LOVE being a mum! The best times I have are when I'm with Oliver. Yes, he drives me crazy, but he's my little sidekick! We do everything together! When people ask me if want them to have him so I can have a break I say no! I don't want a break from him! Every moment we have together is precious. I spend enough time having a break from him when I'm at work. I know I sound sad, but that's the way it is with me. 

So yes, we are going to Disneyland, and I can't wait! I can't wait to see Oliver's face as he meets the characters he watches constantly on the TV, whose stuffed toys he has on his bed; I can't wait for him to become immersed in a magical world and let his imagination go wild; I can't wait to see his reaction to eating breakfast with his idols, and to eat in Pizza Planet surrounded by Toy Story props; I can't wait to be a child all over again with him! How amazing will that be?! 

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  1. Omg I'm so jealous and, quite frankly, so are the people who said those things. It's the magic on their faces that will be lovely and it doesn't matter if they're 'too young' for that.
    I think I'd be more excited than my kids and that is what Disney is all about x

    1. Oh I think I'm definitely more excited than Oliver! Ha! I'm just so excited to see his reaction!

  2. Here here! We're off to Disney next month with my 2 and a half year old. Magical 💖

  3. Hope you have an amazing time! I know we will!!!

  4. We are off to Disney in September and I totally get your excitement!! My son is 2.5yrs and some people have said he might be a bit young but like you said, now is the best time to take them! Hope you have a lovely time xx

    1. Stuff what they say ;) we know best! Have a great time! I'll be doing a review on it so you can pop over and have a look so you know what's to come!