Tuesday, 30 June 2015



You are intolerable, you do not listen, you are never quiet, you have a bad temper, you ignore things you don't want to hear, you are irrational, you never sit still, you can be extremely rude, you need attention all the time, you don't like going to bed, you don't like eating anything but sweets, you are demanding, you invade my space, you make other mums look at me funny, you're stubborn, you're hyperactive, you're too happy in the morning, you're unpredictable.....and much more


You look like an angel when you're asleep, you tell me you "very very" love me, you're forgiving, you're funny, you're cuddly, your adventurous, you're imaginative, you're creative, you smell nice, you're my best friend, you give the best hugs, you're easy to please, you're unique, you're one of a kind, you're a character, you're strong, you're loving, you're full of energy, you're non judgmental, you're silly, you're a bit crazy, I miss you as soon as you're not with me, you're smile melts my heart, you love to sing, you love to dance, you love to just be you, you love to just be with me, you're mine. I love you....

So who cares about the not so great stuff? You're bloody amazing.

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