Saturday, 4 July 2015

Pointless Stuff You Probably Don't Need For a New Baby

You've just found out your pregnant and have had your first midwife appointment where she has hooked you up with a pregnancy book, telling you every detail of how to prepare for your future baby. 
You flick straight to the items you'll need to purchase, because as people will tell you consistently, "babies are expensive!"
You'll do further research as you sign yourself up online to every baby website/store out there who also give a friendly helpful list of items that you'll need in order to care for your offspring.
The list gets bigger and bigger....but guess what? Half of it is pointless! 
You won't realise this until you've had your baby, and then it clicks in that there was no real need for half the junk that you've accumulated.
Here's a list of things that I will definitely NOT be purchasing for baby number 2

1) Changing Table
Yes, they look nice in your newly decorated nursery, and I suppose they ease the stress and strain on your back. But in reality, are you going to cart your baby upstairs to their nursery every time they need their nappy changing? Because believe me, they need changing A LOT! The only time I ever used mine was during the night, and that was at a push, considering my son slept in my bedroom until he was 8 months old. Despite having a fancy changing table, you will most likely find yourself using the floor or your knee for those endless nappy changes, whilst your new piece of furniture gathers dust!
Save yourself a few quid and get a changing mat from poundland. Jobs a gooden.

2) Clothes
Now of course a baby needs clothes, but what I mean when I say this is "outfits".
Yes they will look ever so cute hanging there in the shop as you imagine your soon to be bundle of joy sporting a frilly top and a pair of jeggings, but seriously, when you have become familiar with poonamis, poo bombs, vomit, and the constant changes/laundry, you will find you stick to baby grows and vests. They're easy, they're comfy, and they still look pretty damn cute. 

3) Shoes
I'm going to keep this one short. Babies can't walk. The end.

4) Bedding
If you're anything like me, you will have purchased a cot and a beautiful bedspread to go with it. You may have already dressed your cot with said bedspread before baby even arrives. 
My son was around 4/5 months old when he went in his cot for the first time, and when he did, the bedspread had been removed. 
He slept with a fitted sheet over his mattress and a gro bag. Honestly, this is all you need, until they are around 2. 

5) Expensive Pram
Prams were the one item that caused the most confusion for me when I was expecting. There are so many styles, prices, colours. I could not get my head round it. The pram I purchased cost around £400, which is quite cheap compared to some. Do you know what I used when my son was born?
A sling.
Baby number 2 will not be having a pram. Of course, this is personal preference, but I found slings much easier. You can go up stairs, hop on the bus without having to worry that other mums have taken up the pram spaces, your hands are free, and you're getting close contact with your baby. 

6) Changing bag
Dependent on the style of handbag you usually use, mine are big enough to chuck in a few nappies, wipes, vests and baby grow. For me, buying a changing bag was pointless.

7) Baby Bath
Now, I did use this, and I also stored it for when I do decide to have another baby. Although on reflection it was probably another unnecessary purchase. I mean, they're no different to a sink really, and we all have one of them don't we?

8) Hooded Baby Towels
A normal towel will suffice! Believe me! 

9) Musical Mobile
They look extremely cute, hanging above the cot & it's a lovely idea to think of your baby laid there watching his/her mobile & slowly drifting off to sleep. And then you wake up...because yes, some mothers may be lucky enough to have a baby that can be placed down & will settle themselves off to sleep, but most of us end up placing our children in their cots when they are already asleep, after endless settling, floor walking, feeding. If you're a lucky mother, then by all means buy one. But I'd wait until you've established whether your baby is a raging psychopath first, because most are, I'm not going to lie. 

10) Nappy Stackers
Do you really need a piece of canvas to stack your nappies in? Are you actually going to take time to open a pack of nappies and neatly stack them in one of these contraptions that hang neatly on the side of a cot? Yes! Your pregnant self may say. Let me tell you now, no you won't! What a load of hassle! Guess what? Nappies are already stacked! In the packaging they come in! Wing a pack of nappies upstairs and downstairs and you're sorted. Don't make life difficult for yourself for the sake of things looking presentable. I think I used my nappy stacker once. Then I regained my mind and used it as a laundry bag for the rest of it's life. 

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  1. Haha some of them I totally agree with but I love my pram, changing bag and changing table. Wouldn't live without them! :) #wineandboobs

  2. I would add to this a nappy disposal bin and one of those machines that makes up the formula milk perfectly for you - WASTE OF TIME!

    But I agree with Emma's Mamma in that I liked my changing bag and changing table. In fact I now actually don't know why I ever needed a handbag. I only need keys, lip balm, phone and a purse. Now I am back in work and using a handbag again I realise that it just gets full of receipts! #wineandboobs

  3. great post. we didn't opt for a changing table and i'm so glad we didn't get itx #wineandboobs