Monday, 3 August 2015

Little Old Imperfect Me

Mums who can cook 
You're amazing.
I cannot compete with you. I can't be bothered or even have the skills to make home made organic soups, or a whole wheat chocolate zucchini cake. I can however make a mean fish finger butty with a dollop of mayo!

Mums who can clean
You are amazing
I cannot compete with you. I do not have time to bleach my skirting boards, sterilise my cutlery or clean my windows. There are occasionally dust cobwebs hanging from my ceiling which I choose to ignore until my mother comes and dusts them away for me. My home is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. I also have some pretty awesome Yankee candles that make my home smell of pain aux chocolate and other lovely things. 

Mums who are organised.
You are amazing 
I cannot compete with you. I cannot make lists, plan ahead, or successfully complete a task in a specific time frame. I'm the mum who forgot my child actually had to wear a uniform for school and didn't order one. I also just downed 10ml of Calpol as I had no paracetamol in the house.

Mums who have lots of energy. 
You are amazing
I cannot compete with you. I can't jump out of bed at 6am and get to making breakfast with a spring in my step. When my child goes to bed at night I don't have the energy to tidy round, and prefer instead to lie in my pyjamas watching Netflix 

Mums who are creative. 
You are amazing 
I cannot compete with you. I cannot do paper mâche, make things out of matchsticks, or craft fake flowers. The last time I attempted such a task my dining table got ruined and is now light oak thickly decorated with glue & glitter. I do however play a mean game of "dinosaur hunting" and can make stories up on the spot at bedtime.

So No, I can't cook, I'm not the best at cleaning, I'm not organised, I'm tired quite often, and I'm not creative. But I am ME. My son is loved. He is happy. You don't have to live up to being the "perfect mum." You just have to be you. You see, the thing about your children is they are probably the only people in your life who will love you unconditionally just for being you. They will love your imperfections, your not so greatness, your flaws, because to them you are perfect, you are great, you are flawless. Treasure that. Don't waste time beating yourself up for not being the best. You don't have to be. 
Embrace the fact that you're not the best. Make that your strength. A strength that will not go unrecognised by others, who also feel they have to strive to be more.

To your children you are the best. 

Little old imperfect you.


  1. Great post, I totally understand how you feel with all the above, apart from the first one as I have mastered (in my own way) making homemade soups, and do like to cook although I a not very good and my family usually think oh no wheres the take away menu x

  2. I am so with you on this one! I am rubbish at most of these things but I know to the little man it simply does not matter. This morning, when I spent an extra five minutes playing with him instead of getting ready for work - right then I was the best! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday