Monday, 21 September 2015

Sit With Me Mummy

Sit here with me mummy
Let me lean in the nook of your arm
Close the curtains
Let's shut the world out, so it's just us
Don't worry about the housework or making the dinner
You're always so busy
Just sit with me for a while

Stand with me Mummy
Let me hold your hand
Let's look at the world together
Don't worry about places we have to be
You're always in such a rush
Just stand with me for a while

Watch me Mummy
Let me show you this
Watch how I can do things all by myself
Don't worry about me growing and gaining independence
I'm still your little boy
You're always worrying so much
Just watch me for a while

Lie with me Mummy
Let me put my head on your chest
and listen to the cars go by outside
Don't answer your phone, or respond to that text. You're always trying to please others
But I want some time for just us
Just lie with me for a while

Hug me Mummy
Let me wrap my arms completely round you
Don't push me away because you have things to do
You always have things to do
But I need you close
Just hug me for a while

Because soon Mummy, the years will pass. They'll pass by quicker than you think. And after all that time you spent rushing about and worrying, you will wish that you had just stopped for a while. Just for a few moments. And been with me. The way I love to be with you.


  1. Gorgeous! And so true. The world can wait but our babies are growing every second xxx

  2. That's so beautiful. Bought a tear to my eye xxx

  3. What a gorgeous post. Taking this away with me today. Thank you x

  4. This made me well up. Very lovely. kirsten

  5. So true and beautifully written. This definitely made me tear up a bit. #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Oh my God, are you trying to kill me? I was near tears with this post! That was beautiful. X

  7. Sobbing. Going to hug my babies to bits tomorrow x

  8. This is so true, I want those days back x

  9. This is beautiful, it really is. And so very true that's all they want just our time. Sometimes I don't give enough I know that. Thanks for reminding me to do just that today! And everyday. xx

  10. This is so beautiful and so so true. I need to do this more often with my babies. Thank you x

  11. Lovely you always make me cry 💕❤️