Wednesday, 28 October 2015

But Why?

It's a well known fact that once your child gets to a certain age the dreaded 'why' question will enter their vocabulary. 
'Come on we're going out'
'Why mummy?'
'Because we need to get some food shopping'
'Because we need to eat'
'Because we wouldn't survive otherwise'

But when you have children there are a few 'why?' questions you may ask yourself.
There are many things I've found myself asking 'why?' to over the past 4 years. Too many to mention. But here's 10 that spring to mind

1) When your child eats a sugary treat and they get some on their face, if you don't wipe it off immediately why does it turn in to black fluffy goop? 

2) If your child has a late night, why do they wake up earlier than if they'd had an early night?

3) When you go on a journey, why does your child fall asleep approximately 20 seconds before reaching your destination?

4) Why is your child a fussy eater at home, refusing to eat anything 'wet' or containing vegetables, yet when you pick them up from school they say they've devoured a plate of chick pea curry? 

5) Why does your child bellow for you to come in the room and help them with something when their Dad is sat right next to them?

6) Despite Goofy & Pluto both being dogs, why can't Pluto talk? And despite all of the Mickey Mouse crew being animals, why is Pluto a pet? 

7) Why is it that even though your child has pushed you and tested your limits/insanity throughout the entire day, you kind of miss them as soon as they go to bed?

8) Why do nappies randomly leak through the night, even if they are definitely the correct size?

9) Why do kids have so much energy the second they wake up?

10) Why, when your children go to bed, do you sit down, relax, and continue watching Kids TV?

These are but a few of my musings as a parent. There are plenty more! I need answers god dammit! 
Why? Why? Why?

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  1. No 5, every god damn time! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics