Sunday, 18 October 2015

Moving House With A 4 Year Old Is So Much Fun

Moving house with a 4 year old is great isn't it? 
Just great!
It's so much fun when you're trying to pack things and are repeatedly asked the question "what's this?" As you rifle through dusty old crap that you shoved under a bed years ago in the hope that it would cease to exist, and are now being forced to actually sort through it.
I absolutely love it when you have to gather up games that were locked in a closet for your own sanity, only to jog your child's memory that in fact all these games are "their favourite" and they simply must play them now, amidst the chaos of clothes, half packed boxes and crates.
It drives me to alcohol in no way whatsoever when you nearly pack one box and then find your child's arse hanging out of it, gathering something from the bottom that they absolutely need or they cannot continue with life. I find it simply adorable when you have your best china, ornaments & photo frames in boxes, taking up the whole of a room, and your child decides to use them as an obstacle course with his bike. His bike that he pedals backwards, and then asks you to push him on.
I don't mind whatsoever when you've made up a bunch of boxes to pack up the last of your things and then you find your kid playing "Boxtrolls" in them. And I'm not at all pushed to breaking point when the Boxtrolls break out of their boxes, completely severing the tape that was holding them together.
I am completely calm and relaxed. There isn't a vein throbbing in my head at all. I have not developed a twitch. And I am not contemplating a 5:30pm bedtime so I can search for wine somewhere in this god dam forsaken tip of a house. 

So that's where we are up to with the house move! Just fanbloodytastic. 

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  1. Oh Louise, another brilliant post. "when you nearly pack one box and then find your child's arse hanging out of it" cracked me up! Brilliant!

  2. Haha *laughing with you* You sound totally on top of it. What are box trolls? actually don't worry i will google them immediately! If only we could all move house with ease a la Topsy & Tim's Mum. Good luck!!

  3. I feel your pain, we recently moved house and the packing alone was enough to turn me into an alcoholic!! x

  4. We moved last year - my daughter was 4 at the time and I can SOOO relate to this. Brilliant post! A bottle of wine is definitely needed x

  5. I am going through just this.......with a 3 1/2 year old and a baby, it's a bloody nightmare! Never again haha. X

  6. Box trolls lol :) well good luck, that's all I can say. We've recently gone through the same thing with a toddler so I share your pain!

  7. Ah now I can relate to this. I have just hired a skip to clear all manner of clutter out of the house. It was desperately needed. Needless to say, I'm throwing various old toys out and the kids keep looking in the skip and seeing them. Grrrr. #effitfriday

  8. I recently moved house with a 2 year old. About as much fun! Still recovering now haha! #twinklytuesday

    Talya - Motherhood: The Real Deal,

  9. I want to plY boctrolls! Our last move was easy for me. 8 months pregnant and sent off for the day with the Toddler while my husband got the packers in!!

  10. Love it! We moved house with a two year old which was no better than this! I'll warn you - I seem to remember unpacking being even worse! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  11. Oh my, I had that same problem with my three-year-old daughter. She wanted to get into everything while we were packing up our belongings. I finally gave her the job of filling one box with her stuffed animals, and filling another box with her dollhouse accessories. It kept her busy and gave me enough time to pack at least three boxes.

    Vanessa Walters @ Stellar Movers