Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Big Box Of Christmas Shame

There's nothing like a parent bashing Facebook post to get you in the mood for Christmas!! 
I think we all know the story behind this picture. It's rippled round social media, national press and morning television for weeks. 
The woman who posted this picture has received a bombardment of abuse and criticism for the amount of presents she has bought her children for Christmas this year and has been forced to justify the amount she has purchased and explain how she has afforded this. 
My thoughts?
Who gives a flying festive f***?
I don't care how many presents her children are going to receive!
I don't care about how much she has spent!
I don't care how she has afforded this or at what time of the year she began buying them.
Here's what I do care about.
I care about people's constant need to pry in to others lives and judge people for things they shouldn't care about either!
It's Christmas people! Can we give the parent shaming a rest for one bloody minute! 
It appears we can't.
But here's the thing. There seems to be an idea that a harmless picture on social media showing your children's presents under the tree is now insulting. It's not. What is insulting is people's need to openly shame an innocent picture that an excited parent has decided to share with others.
On Christmas Eve your social media newsfeed will be filled with present pictures. My profile included. 
I don't share these pictures to show off, to compete with other parents, or to highlight how materialistic I am. I share them because I'm excited! My child is four! He believes in Santa and the magic of Christmas is very real to him. His excitement is my excitement. I share because I'm making a scrapbook of memories for the future when that magic will inevitably fade and Christmas will no longer involve leaving snacks for Santa and 5am wake up calls on Christmas morning. 
I share because this is my life and I'm proud. I'm not proud of the amount of presents I've bought for my son. I'm proud of my little family and the memories we are making together.
Of course there are families whose children won't have much. My sharing of present pictures isn't to hurt them or make them feel inferior. It is simply a picture of my Christmas. And a snapshot of my emotions and feelings. 
Christmas isn't about what is under the tree, but who is around it. But please, don't shame parents for what they choose to spend on their children at Christmas when to be quite frank it is none of your business.
Some save all year, some start buying in January, some work bloody hard to earn money to buy these gifts, and some are in an extremely fortunate situation. But why are we justifying this?
Buy your kids what you want. They are your kids!
Share whatever pictures you want! They are your pictures! Your memories. Your experiences. 
I will be starting a #he'sbeen thread on my blogs Facebook page on Christmas Eve, where I'll be asking readers to feel free to join in with sharing their present pictures.
This isn't to show off or to compete. It's simply a message that we should be able to post pictures of our kids presents without feeling we are being judged for being materialistic or competitive.
We are simply excited parents who want to share this. 
I love seeing my news feed filled with Christmas Eve pictures and excited families and children. I love sharing in your joy and excitement. And I will never ever judge. 
Your Christmas is what you want it to be. Don't let anybody take that away from you. 


  1. The only thing I give a 'flying festive F*%£ about is spending time with my lovely family over Christmas. These days with our children are precious. cant wait until #he'sbeen!! x

  2. Hear, hear! Why do people care so much? She can choose to spend however much she wants on her kids and can choose how many presents to get them. The shaming needs to stop. Her posting that innocent picture isn't doing anyone else any harm and who has the right to judge her? No one!