Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Much Ado About Poo

"Have you seen Mummy's phone Oliver?"

"It's up my bum"

Well no, it wasn't actually up his bum, but these are the types of conversations I am having to endure recently since my 4 year old discovered toilet humour. Everything is "poo this" and "poo that."
Is poo really that funny? 
Every sentence is having a word within it replaced with "poo."
"What film would you like to watch?"
"Jurrasic Poo"
"What would you like for tea?"
"Poo sandwich"
"What time is it?"
"Poo o'clock"
Songs that we used to sing together have now been soiled, and Anna from frozen now sits at Elsa's door singing "do you wanna build a snow poo? Come on let's go and poo."

At first it was quite humorous. However, that was when poo talk remained inside the house and we could all laugh along 
"Oh yeah, you replaced that word with poo, how very funny" *eye roll*
Yesterday at the school gates my son dropped his angry bird mashem. A fellow parent picked it up and my son responded "Thankyou Poo."
He received a puzzled look.
He then turned to his friend and said,
"Let's trump on your mum."
Now I consider myself to have quite a good sense of humour. I'm partial to the odd poo joke once in a while. But really, there's only so many poo gags I can take before I go bat shit crazy. And when out in public it's getting to be quite embarrassing. There's really no need for other people to be exposed to my four year olds shit sense of humour (no pun intended). 
Toy companies are only encouraging this ridiculousness. There's actually now a game that requires you to scoop up plastic dog shit. Wonderful. Anyone who actually has scooped up dog faeces, or any sort of crap to be fair will know that it's far from entertaining or funny. It's gross. 

Will this madness ever stop? 
Is anyone else's kids obsessed with poo?
Is there a cure? 
I eagerly await your response 

The Confusing Diaries Of A Puzzled Poo. 

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