Thursday, 21 January 2016

Signs And Symptoms Of AHS In Children

My son suffers from a condition known as AHS. It's not a condition that's well researched but the research that is available would suggest that it's highly prevalent between ages 3-6 and is genetically passed down from the Father. It's not a syndrome that's particularly hard to diagnose, however there are some parents who will gladly accept the diagnosis and others who will be in denial, although AHS in their child will be clear for others to see.
Symptoms can include irrational behaviours such as insisting they don't like a particular food that they ate heaps of the previous day and then crying for said food once you've thrown it in the bin; repetitive behaviour such as asking the same question over and over again despite receiving the same answer each time; and mood swings that go beyond the scale. 
Typical AHS children will find it hard to accept "no" for an answer. They may retaliate with screaming, crying or throwing themselves on the floor. They may also exhibit defiant behaviour and will constantly push boundaries beyond the limit. 
It's difficult to recognise AHS in children when they are not displaying symptoms. It's not a consistent syndrome. Children with AHS tend to be extremely cute and adorable which lures you in to a false sense of belief ensuring that when they do exhibit symptoms you are taken by surprise and torn between their sweetness and their horrific-ness. 
As a parent to a child with AHS there is no particular answer to the issue. Some will find it comforting to google solutions, others will find support from other parents with AHS children, and others will self medicate with wine. 
There's no evidence that one coping mechanism is more successful than another. 
Other parents may judge AHS children and their families. They don't understand. This is fine. These parents are used to distasteful looks in public and sarcastic comments. 
But next time you see a child playing up in public with their parents flailing their arms in the air and looking bewildered,  bare in mind that they may be a parent to a child with AHS. Also known as Ass Hole Syndrome. 

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  1. Finally some recognition for what is a highly irritating ahem I mean terrible illness for those affected. Very funny post.

  2. I am just coming out of the other side of this illness with the big one. Although I fear the little one is starting to show signs of having it too. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  3. This is a truly debilitating illness, and simply awful for the families involved. I am so glad you have written this post in an attempt to raise awareness. Maybe we should start a charity, we could send wine to all the parents of the afflicted. LOVED this. #fridayfrolics