Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Fish Finger Brigade 

I write this at the risk of being seen as a Katie Hopkins of the blogging community.
It's not like I'm Miss Popular anyway. My 'stats' aren't brilliant, I don't run (or join many) linkys, and I don't do 'giveaways' or reviews. I'm a very small fish in a very large pond. As are many others. 
But I don't blog for other bloggers. I blog for the people who read what I have to say. Other parents who can relate. And again, like many others, that's the reason I started blogging. To reach out. To let others know they weren't alone.
I guess I fall in to the 'Slummy Mummy' category. Apparently if you're honest about your feelings in regards to parenting that's the title you are granted these days. And yes, I was a bit pissed off when I read the Daily Mail article that asks Why Are So Many Women Boasting They're Slummy Mummies? The article after all was mainly slamming female bloggers for representing this type of Mum.
Now, on any other day I probably would have joined the Fish Finger Brigade of bloggers who posted selfies with numerous frozen products, showing #solidaritea for some of the writers that were mentioned in the article.
But not yesterday.
Because something else had also happened that morning that needed discussing. Something that probably affected the parents we as bloggers try and reach out to, more than an article slamming The Unmumsy Mum.
Because live on 'This Morning' Gino D'Acampo made a statement that there is no such thing as fussy eaters in children. Just stupid parents. He went on to say parents weren't firm enough with their children, and advocated sending them to bed with no dinner if they didn't like what they were served.
And not one single fucking word was said about it.
Well, it probably was, but my newsfeed was swamped with fish finger selfies so I probably missed it.
I totally get the whole "sticking it to the man" thing. I stick it to him on a regular basis. But right now there are hundreds of parents out there who watched This Morning and are now asking themselves if they're stupid. Are they letting their kids down? Are they failing?
I dare you to ask Mothers who aren't in the blogging community if they even saw the Daily Mail article yesterday.
 I asked them. And they were completely unaware. The ones I spoke to DID see This Morning however.
Let's be frank. The Article was shitty. But it was mainly shitty for bloggers. And let's face it, we're big girls and we're used to this. When you write things for the whole internet to see, you're going to get crap. It's standard.
The Unmumsy Mum wrote an amazing response and basically said everything that needed saying. She said it for all of us. And she said it with class. When I starting seeing the Selfies flooding in supporting the 'Slummy Mummy' genre of bloggers I thought it was great! I love a good old selfie that supports my fellow women!
But as they continued, something just didn't sit right with me. Each selfie was staged differently, with passionate words of support and #solidaritea.
But then I saw comments of how one blogger had copied another persons selfie. And I began to think "what the actual fuck?"
Was this a message of support or a blogging competition? Were these bloggers just proving Anna May Mangan right when she said the 'slummy mummy' movement was a battle amongst bloggers rather than an attempt to depict any reality within the underlying message.
For the majority of you I know that's nonsense. I know you blog in the way you do because you want to let other parents know they are not alone, and it's ok to be a bit shit. But whilst defending your blogs you failed to defend the very people who you write your blogs for!
Collectively we kind of failed the hundreds of mothers who had no clue about this article, yet did sit watching 'This Morning' where they were told they were 'stupid.'
The Mothers of children with Avoidant/Restrictive food intake disorder, Mothers of children on the Autistic Spectrum, Mothers of children with a Sensory Processing Disorder, and Mothers with children who are just fucking fussy and we respect their right to be so!
So I'm with you standing in #solidaritea against Anna May Mangan, but we also need to stand against the hurtful and dangerous words uttered by Gino Decampo.
Because fuck him.
So my selfie of support does not include fish fingers (that my child does in fact eat, whilst I do In fact slug on a glass of wine), but includes an array of beige foods which at one point was the only colour food my child would even entertain eating.
Because THAT is reality too!
And it's ok!


  1. Loved reading this! My daughter is a fussy eater and I would never send her to bed hungry. I will not be made me feel stupid because of it! LOVE this post, thank you! X

  2. I was entirely unaware of what Gino d'campo said because I don't watch this morning. He just sounds very ignorant!

    1. I was myself until a fellow mum (none blogger) mentioned it to me. It's seems as though there has been no acknowledgment of it whatsoever on social media though

  3. I so agree with you and I didn't see the Gino de campo thing. (Sorry not sorry if wrong spelling Gino) my eldest for years was classed as fussy until she was diagnosed as dairy and lactose intolerant... I had tried everything to get her eat but she only liked a small amount of food because she felt her tummy was ok with these particular things. Not once did I send her to bed with no dinner because I just couldn't do it. Even if she had some jam on toast I was happy for her to eat that than nothing at all. People on tv are so quick to judge others but they don't know all the ins and outs of every parent going. So good on you for speaking out for us so called 'slummy mummies' :-)

    1. I truly believe that what he said was dangerous. Thankyou for reading 😊

  4. Oh dear I completely missed all of this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm quite a healthy eating, no animal products and as organic as possible and my kid still refuses to eat anything but cheap sausages πŸ€”πŸ€”
    I don't particularly want to be a slummy mummy but it's a struggle.. I'm tired and half failing at most jobs because time is stretched.. a bit more help and less judgement would be amazing eh x x

    1. Yep. It would be amazing if we were all allowed to just live our lives without people placing judgement on us 😒

  5. Here here! I've only just heard what Gino said. Hmm! I'm currently worrying about my son who is a very fussy eater so I'm a bit uppity about such daft comments. I don't want to do anything which could implicate his relationship with food or his mental health. I have one child who loves her fruit and veg so it makes it even more worrisome. What a load of nonsense!

  6. Well isn't he lucky his kids will eat the food he gives them and I'm sure he's never taken them to McDonalds or KFC when he's had a long day and can't face rustling up some roasted vegetables and quinoa for his perfect offspring to much on. What a load of sanctimonious crap! The majority of kids are fussy eaters and most grow out of it - it's life!

  7. I can't believe he would even say this on national telly what a plank sounds to me he wouldn't have a clue if he swapped places wiv his wife or people that a do everything for them selfs and not have people do things for him, if he had to do everything not just cook I think he would have a different view on things. My eldest child was a very fussy eater but as he's got older he is getting better but my youngster child loves all good but has off days were he changes his mind (little bugger) but that's just kids. I think we r all doing a fantastic job so don't let a jumped up tv chef that clearly thinks he better than anyone else bring you down. Keep smiling fantastic mummy's xx

  8. great post. I know so many parents with fussy eaters - they can't all be doing something wrong surely?! My son eats everything but mushrooms but I know that's not down to me either. it's just down to their tastes!