Sunday, 1 October 2017


After much deliberation (ok, like 2 hours or something), I've decided to jump on board with MommaBoss and take part in Blogtober.

"What's Blogtober?!" I hear you cry!

Who the fuck knows, but we're pretty certain we 'just' have to publish a blog post every day, so this is what we shall do!

Edit: Soooo, we 'thought' we just had to blog every day, but it appears there's a bastard list of themes that have to be followed!

(I'm never going to be able to do this) 

Now, word is that most Bloggers who partake in Blogtober are extremely organised and wayyyy ahead of the game, with posts already written in advance and ready to publish on specific days.

I however am not 'most Bloggers' and therefore I'm going to enter Blogtober in the same way I entered motherhood (and how I pretty much live life) - by completely fucking winging it.

I have no posts pre written.

I'm having mild panic attacks already about the whole situation.

I'm not going to lie. Why am I doing this to myself? Why?

My usual posts are either relatable humour, or relatable rants. I tend to stew on them for a few days before I actually find the words to tap out on my iPhone (yes, I blog from my phone - I'm extremely unprofessional).

As I'm not currently stewing on anything relatable at present I have a feeling this may turn in to a "Louise spews her thoughts and feelings to the Internet every night and regrets it immediately" fest.

And who would want to miss THAT car crash?

Without time to plan, edit and re-edit you're probably going to discover the following things about me during Blogtober

1. I moan a lot

2. I swear a lot

3. I think a lot

4. I worry a lot

5. I'm a bit of a nob

(And there's my 'about me' section)

So! What a fun 31 days you have in store! I bet you simply can't wait! Hopefully at some point through the month my blog will actually have something credible to say! But possibly not!

Just don't get your hopes up is all I'm saying.

I struggle with commitment.

I'm giving myself 8 days before I quit.

See you tomorrow!

I think.

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