Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Seven Behaviours Of A Date Night Couple

If you get to spend a decent amount of time alone (out of the house) as a couple, your time together is probably simply referred to as just 'going out'.
If, like me, time alone with your partner is rare, you'll be all too familiar with the phrase 'Date Night' which basically means "YESSS! We got rid of the kids for the first time in forever! Let's try and pretend we're young and free again!

If you're a 'Date Night' couple you'll probably be all too familiar with the following seven behaviours.

(A behaviour for each 'Date Night' I've had since my 6 year old was born.....seriously)

1. Selfies. If you're on a 'Date Night' and don't take a selfie, are you even a parent? Selfies are the ultimate must for the start of your night. You and your partner must take a picture together in your chosen venue, dressed up to the nines, and then announce on your social media profile 'WE'RE ON A DATE NIGHT!!"

2. You check your phone a few too many times before you've even seen the menu.
 "Is the baby still asleep?
 "Is everything ok?"
 "Has anyone liked my Date Night Selfie?"

3. In between checking your phone for texts off the babysitter, you tag yourself and your partner in the restaurant/pub/cinema you're in and upload another photo of whatever food or drink you're about to consume.

4. You realise that you've completely lost your social skills. You eat too fast, you drink too much, and you kind of can't be arsed making a conversation with each other. You may resentfully mention that you only managed to shave one of your legs prior to date night as you had to get out the bath and settle the baby. Your partner may shrug, wondering if you're going to finish that crusty bread that you've left on your plate.

5. You'll try your absolute hardest NOT to mention the kids, but come on, what else have you got to talk about?

6. You'll finish your meal and realise that actually, you're a bit tired. It's getting a bit late and if you leave it too late you'll be knackered when you're woken at 5am by the kids. You look at your watch. It's 8pm.

7. You speed walk home, excited to get in and put your feet up, and whilst doing so you both discuss at length the estimated time that you actually became sad sacks of shit.



  1. Oh this is my fave post of the day!!! I'm perma-single but still this made me giggle!! #Blogtober

  2. Not had one yet since baby one.buty is good to hear what I have ahead

    Very funny piece

  3. I love this post, and I would love to be a sad sack of shit with my love, if we had a babysitter! Argh! #blogcrush Thank you for the laughter!

  4. Haha brilliant. Yes we are definitely a "Date night" couple - with no family living nearby, "going out" is a rare treat. I think ALL of these apply! Hehe.

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your "I've been featured" blog badge :) #blogcrush